Friday, October 20, 2017

An open letter to Google Ad Sense Team

I would like to use this opportunity to respond to Google Ad Sense team regarding to the email have send to me about one of the posts that contains mature content.

I appreciate your notice, yet I will consider this as absurd reason by list out the following reasons below.

First of all, it is a book that discuss how the inner energy which sex energy that already within our body from Taoism perspective. I am just based on what I have read and simplify the contents and have no intention to promote it. How would this consider as mature content?

Second, this is considered as sex health information. Is it promoting sex health equivalent to promote sexual contents? I don't see any connection between this two. Since it is merely a sex health related information, why it inhibit on my blog?

Third reason which I think is not appropriate to judge a content by merely based on the word, sex, raped or any related words, but based on the content and messages the author would like to convey to the readers. 

My intention is simple, sharing what I know, what I have experience and leave readers to decide whether believe me or not. I don't even promoting anything such as buying, practicing on the contents that I share to readers.

Last but not least, I completely understood rules and regulations set by your team which I need to follow, and the reason I think is time to revisit the rules and regulations set long time ago. 

I hope this is make my stand on the post that I have share recently. If this letter offended you, I apologise to you and at the same time, I want to say,

"Money is great and I love it, but between freedom to write and money, Freedom to write will always be my first choice"!  

Thank you for your time and I hope this will make you have an unique perspectives on the posts which share similar contents from other bloggers as well.

Have a nice day!

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